Sunday, January 25, 2015

If/Then Chart

Having and displaying a timer during work time is certainly a staple best practice for teachers. It lets you and students know how much work time is left to complete an assignment.

But, what if a student in your class has anxiety? Throwing him or herself into a panic attack when that timer rings?

It happens. It was happening in my classroom.

What we tried: 1) Practiced routines without other students in the room. 2) Talked about seat changes, frequent breaks, and work exemptions. 3) Smile charts for not getting upset when the timer went off and completing *most* of the work.

Nothing worked.

What works: Then, we figured - wait, he loves trucks. Reading about them, drawing them, looking at them. You name it. So we have now implemented an "If/Then" chart for each subject. If he finishes what is in the "If" column then he can do whatever is listed in the "then" column.

Need them too? If/Then Charts


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