Thursday, February 26, 2015

Behavior Clipboards

Do you have kiddos who use mediators to help self-regulate?

Whether it is a smile, sticker, or tally chart, or maybe even a note taking pad - the papers and supplies are bound to get lost, ripped, or become their own distraction in the classroom. A co-worker of mine gave one of my students a small clipboard she used last year. This clipboard is genius. It's a great way to keep charts/aides neat and organized. My student brings her clipboard to the carpet, centers, and even specials. She has even decorated it with stickers, making it truly her own.

What does she keep in it? Paper to take notes, a smiley chart for her weekly targeted behavior, personalized goals, and her work time reminders.

For this particular student, reminders on how her body should look like during different parts of the day are helpful - as if not, you will find her wandering during a lesson or even contorting her body on the carpet. Here is the sheet we use. Just print it out, laminate it, and stick it in that clipboard!

Where do you get tiny clipboards? Super cheap on Amazon!


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