Friday, June 5, 2015

Fluency Strips - No Words!

When you think of fluency strips, you might think of simple sentences with high frequency and decodable words. Such strips are meant to encourage young readers how to read smoothly by separating out shorter chunks or phrases. For the dyslexic reader, fluency strips are nightmares. What is meant to be read quickly and smoothly, inevitably turns out to be a stressful feat of word-by-word reading - with little meaning gained by the time that reader reaches the end of the sentence.

In order to avoid unnecessary stress, but still teach fluency - get rid of the words! Seriously. Just do it. A part of teaching fluency is training the eyes and mind to quickly scan and read a set of graphics (letters, pictures, numbers, whatever) smoothly. If your goal is to teach students how to move away from finger pointing reading, then this is just one of many ways you can begin.

Grab it and try it for yourself. Students (dyslexic or not) love to challenge how fast they can "read" these strips. You'd be surprised how even your most fluent readers have to re-teach themselves how to scan and read different types of graphics. What a double benefit to teach cognitive flexibility!


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